19 Dec 2016
December 19, 2016

Time is running out… 😊


Just a friendly reminder: This year’s giveaway clo$e$ tonight at midnight.

18 Dec 2016
December 18, 2016

This just in!

Folks, it’s time to announce the winner of the surprise prize for the last week of the 2016 RITD giveaway.

And the winner of one custom made mint blanket (as pictured in this post) is…. drum roll, please… Jessica Law from Nanaimo! 🎉 Congrats!

Just for Jessica: your mint blanket will be mailed to you. Thanks again for playing, everyone! 💝

18 Dec 2016
December 18, 2016

Just a quick reminder kids

Only one more day to submit your awesome cookie. :) Conte$t clo$e$ at midnight on Dec 19.
Click here to enter now!